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Who We Are

Company Overview

Bastille Malta Trustees Limited offers a wide variety of Trusts and Corporate services. Our team, which is composed of lawyers, auditors, accountants and tax advisors, is equipped with in depth expertise and experience in its respective fields in order to be able to offer world class capabilities to our clients.Our core business activity is the management and administration of a formation of a Malta Trusts Company, together with directorship, secretarial and back office management.

Bastille Malta Trustees Limited is regulated by the Malta. Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and is able to provide guidance and support in trust-related matters. We offer the services to set up a Malta trust company together with the management and administration of the trust.Moreover, we will ensure that the trust is in compliance with Maltese laws and regulations, whilst providing anti-money laundering services and the mitigation of funding of terrorism techniques. We take pride in our clientsa success and it is our ultimate goal to combine professional knowledge, integrity and an entrepreneurial approach to their needs. At Bastille Malta Trustees Limited, we offer a tailor made solution and approach on a case by case basis to our clients in guiding them through all of their trust-related matters.

In this regard, Bastille Malta Trustees Limited offers the following trust services:

  • Fiduciary and trusts services, whilst acting as a Trustee
  • Setting up a trust company in Malta; including its administration
  • Trust Taxation
  • Local Directorship Services
  • Registered address services
  • Compliance services including anti-money laundering services and the mitigation of funding of terrorism techniques

Why Malta?

Strategic location and language

Malta is very strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean with very close ties to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The archipelago is considered the best choice for investing in knowledge based sectors and high end manufacturing. Malta is also considered an ideal logistical hub due to its excellent port infrastructure. It is classified as an Advanced Economy by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an innovation-driven economy by the World Economic Forum. This, together with EU membership in 2004, and adoption of the Euro in 2008, makes the country a perfect gateway to the Euro-Mediterranean region. Malta is a full trade member of the EU, WTO, OSCE and Commonwealth. Being an English-speaking nation, Malta is the perfect hub for international business.

Malta has become one of the most stable jurisdictions in which to form trusts. The high level of protection and regulation together with the favourable tax treatment offered by Malta to Trusts are the common advantages of choosing to set up a trust in Malta.The regulator in Malta is the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Malta offers a high degree of assurance, by having specific legislation which creates a highly regulated environment. Because of this regulation, audits are required to take place at least once a year. Trusts in Malta are regulated by the Trust and Trustees Act 1989, which was amended on 25th April 2014. The changes to the act are intended to either clarify existing provisions, or to introduce new concepts, such as the introduction of a family trustsa.

Malta also offers another advantage to individuals who seek to set up the trust or formation in Malta such as lower set up and administrative costs. Moreover, whilst still having an excellent reputation internationally, professional fees including trust management fees, audit and legal fees are significantly lower than in other jurisdictions

The procedure for setting up a trust in Malta is relatively straightforward. Malta trusts can be used for an array of purposes, mainly:

  • Asset protection,
  • Estate or tax planning,
  • As a commercial tool,
  • Testamentary usage.

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